From Rationalism Toward Humanity: Review of Notions Evolution in Urban Planning

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Urban Planning, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


By this time, there has been a trend in the direction of devolvement in governance and planning. This trend presents a role for inhabitants, a considerable lot of whom have found an opportunity to express their interests for self-assurance; struggling that current governance structures do not satisfactorily outfit their needs and interests. As planning is inseparably connected to power, this feature definitely helps encouraging or limiting the advancement of which governance shapes. In this manner, the heading of planning practice warrants genuine thought about power, policy and people. This paper disposes the historical positions of planning, in perspective of deciding how the discipline develops and influences by rationalities. The investigation follows the paradigmatic advancement of the discipline to review the regular planning speculations. Eminent perspectives are then investigated and lined up beside transformative planning theories with focus on social approach development. Finally, the study of transitions in both areas of paradigm and rationality, indicates that viewpoints are changing fast from rationalism toward value based humane normative approaches, quantity to quality, and determinism to intuition.